Cheese & Pet Milk

Lake Lanier Farm & Dairy LLC is best known for its high quality cheese made from Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats milk. Our farms first focus is on happy, health goats. Our cheese making is dictated by the goats’ natural milk production and what is best for the goats. To maintain a healthy herd we give the girls a break in production before starting again with another breeding and milking season. Therefore, our cheese is not available year-round.

Our small batch cheeses are produced by hand using traditional methods. Handmade cheese is also known as, “artisan cheese” which is more complex in taste and offers a greater variety of flavor. The underlying flavor is directly impacted by the goats’ diet. A natural goat diet is comprised mostly of fresh grass and browse. Our goats have full-time access to fresh air, fresh grass and fresh browse which helps us meet our goal to make a superb cheese specific to this region.

We offer a very limited supply of “pet milk” which is not for human consumption.

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Cheese Curds
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